Mission to Finland (II) (with MCTES)
Improving bilateral cooperation between Portugal and Finland
last update: 10 january 2018

PROGRAM - DRAFT version.

SUNDAY 14.1.2018

Arrival to Tampere. Check-in at Solo Sokos Hotel Torni, Ratapihankatu 43, Tampere

MONDAY 15.1.2018
(with the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal)

9.00       Transfer to University of Tampere. Departure from Solo Sokos Hotel Torni 
9.15        TAMK Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Y-Kampus backstage, Kuntokatu 3
  • Tampere3 and the structural transformation within universitiesMr. Harri Melin, Vice-rector, University of Tampere
  • Kauppi Innovation Centre for Development and Well-BeingMr.  Jarkko Lumio, Planning Manager, City of Tampere 
  • Signature of agreement between IPBragança and TAMK
  • Welcome to Tampere University of Applied Sciences
  • Mr. Markku Lahtinen, President, Managing Director and Mr. Mikko Naukkarinen, Vice President
  • TAMK Proakatemia and Y-kampus, Ms. Carita Prokki, Director, TAMK EDU
11.40     Transfer to City Hall
12.00     Lunch at City Hall, hosted by City of Tampere, hosted by Ms. Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Chair of the City Council
13.30     Transfer to Tampere University of Technology
13.50     Tampere University of TechnologyKorkeakoulunkatu 10, Tampere
  • Welcoming WordsMr. Mika Hannula, President, University of Technology
  • Smart Tampere ProgrammeMr. Tero Blomqvist, Programme Director, Smart Tampere Ecosystem
  • University-industry collaboration at TUTMr. Harri Länsipuro, Head of Innovation Services, University of Technology
  • Kampusareena as a platform for university-industry collaborationMs. Mervi Huhtelin, Senior Specialist, University Properties of Finland Ltd
  • Demola Mr. Ville Kairamo, CEO, Demola

16.15 Transfer to Solo Sokos Hotel Torni 

18:30 Transfer to restaurant

19.00 Dinner at Restaurant TampellaKelloportinkatu 1, Tampere.  Transfer at 18.45., Solo Sokos Hotel Torni. Dinner hosted by Mr Teppo Rantanen, Executive Director, City of Tampere and Ms Tuija Telén, Director, Economic Development and Public Relations, City of Tampere.

TUESDAY 16.01.2018 
(with the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal)

07h30    Departure to Helsinki
09h40    Arrival in Helsinki
10h00    Meeting with Minister  
of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen  and staff
11h00    Meeting with  representantives from ARENE (Rectors' Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences)  
12h00    Meeting with representantives from JAMK  University of Applied Sciences
13h00    Lunch    
14h30    Meeting with  representantives from DIMECC or Meeting with representatives from TEKES   
16h00    Departure to airport (Minister)

Dinner and hotel in Helsinki
Hotel: Best Western Carlton or 
Hotel Seurahuone Helsink

WEDNESDAY 17.01.2018

8:30 Transfer to Provoo

9:30 Visit to Haaga Helia UAS, Provoo campus

12:00 Transfer to Lahti and lunch

14:00 Visit to LAMK UAS

16:30 Transfer to Jyväskylä

19:00 Dinner with JAMK faculty

Hotel in Jyväskylä: Hotel Cumulus or Hotel Alexandria

THURSDAY 18.01.2018

8:00 Visit to JAMK campus

10:00 Transfer to Savonia

12:30 Visit to Savonia UAS

14:30 Transfer to Mikkeli

17:00 Visit to XAMK UAS, Mikkeli campus

18:30 Transfer to Helsinki

21:00 Hotel in Helsinki: Best Western Carlton or Hotel Seurahuone Helsink





Escola Sup de Enfermagem de Coimbra

Professora Aida Maria de Oliveira Cruz Mendes


Politécnico de Bragança

Professor João Sobrinho Teixeira


Politécnico de Bragança

Professor Orlando Rodrigues


Politécnico de Bragança

Professor Luís Pais


Politécnico de Portalegre

Professor Luís Loures


Politécnico de Viseu

Professor João Luís Monney de Sá Paiva


Politécnico do Cávado e Ave

Professora Maria José Fernandes


Politécnico do Cávado e Ave

Professor Vítor Carvalho

Diretor da Escola Superior de Tecnologia do IPCA

Politécnico do Porto

Professora Rosário Gambôa


Universidade Madeira

Professor João Prudente


Eduardo Beira, Programa de Modernização e Valorização do Ensino Politécnico
João Portugal, Politécnico de Beja (vice presidente)
Rita Cadima, Politécnico de Leiria
Pedro Dominguinhos, Politécnico de Setubal e CCISP

Information about previous mission to Finland (october 2016): here