Missão à Holanda
31 janeiro - 3 fevereiro, 2017

Program (here)
Thanks to Hans Brezet and Sandra Hasanefendic for their help and support.

Preliminary documents:
UE, Structural higher education reform - design and evaluation. Synthesis report, april 2016, pdf
NVAO, Assessment framework for the higher education accreditation system, september 2016, pdf
Universiteiten herstellen van dip door leenstelsel (pdf) (about UASs and universities in Holland)

Presentations and documents:

Hobeon / NVAO:
Brancheprotocol Kwaliteitszorg Onderzoek 2016– 2022 Kwaliteitszorgstelsel Praktijkgericht Onderzoek Hogescholen (pdf
(Industry Protocol Quality Research 2016- 2022 Practical Quality Assurance System for Research in Universities of Applied Sciences)

Aeres Hogeschol:
Program of the visit (pdf)
Welcome, delegation from Portugal and Universities of Applied Sciences: dare to be different (pdf)
Internationalisation. Global inspiration, local competence (pdf)
Modules overview (pdf)

Dinner in the Residence of Portugal in Hague (courtesy of the Embassy of Portugal in Netherlands)
convite (pdf)

NHL Hogeschol:
NHL Unniversity of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, J. Benthem (pdf)
SIA National Taskforce for Applied Research. NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research), Arjan Koeslag (pdf)

Rotterdam Hogeschol:
Welcome @ Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (pdf)
Introduction (Innovation Dock), Liek Voorbij, Kees Joosten (pdf)

Amsterdam Hogeschol:
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Geleyn Meijer (pdf)
Master's in digital design. Collaboration with agencies/industry (pdf)
Accreditation and agency collaborationPaul Geurts (pdf)